Social Networking Policy

It is noted that many of our clubs have created Facebook, Twitter or internal club websites to promote their activities, provide information for their players and provide a vehicle to promote club togetherness. This practice is encouraged and supported by the League Management Committee. We are also glad to see so many clubs and their players/management teams/spectators using the League’s own Facebook group page to engage and improve the positive feeling the League provides.

Unfortunately (and as many high profile celebrities have found out), ‘Social Networking’ and other internet social media are open to inappropriate usage. Already this season, the League has received complaints regarding offensive comments posted by players about other clubs, other players and disappointingly, referees in our League. There is only so much ‘moderating’ the League can undertake on its own, especially on our own Facebook and Twitter sites.

The League Management Committee has decided that clubs must take responsibility for ensuring that anyone associated with their club does not engage in activities which may be seen as harassing, discriminatory, menacing, threatening, obscene, defamatory, or in any way objectionable or offensive towards other Clubs, Players, Referees or League officials. Breaches will be forwarded onto the County FA to which that club is affiliated, the County FA’s will deal with these directly via disciplinary commissions and if found proven, they may take direct action against clubs and/or the playing member(s) involved. The postings may also be referred to the police for possible libel action.
It must be realised that although social media may have restricted membership, they are not private or secure at all, dependent on an individual’s own personal security settings which tend to widely differ. It is a simple process for a so called friend to take a copy of a social media posting and then distribute it as freely as they choose. What one person views as ‘banter’, may not be taken as ‘banter’ by another person and there can be no defence or mitigation for this should it occur.
We ask for your co-operation to ensure our League, does not get a bad reputation from mis-use of social media and for the purposes of this, we include all media (written or electronic), club newsletters, match programmes, club or private websites, email, messaging, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn etc), chat, blog, video sharing (YouTube) and other discussion groups).

Last updated: Sunday 14th July 2019