League Records

Please note there were no honours for Season 19/20 other than the Division 1 cup due to the Covid-19 Pandemic which halted all football from the middle of March 2020

Premier Division Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19Black HorseAustin Ex-Apprentices
2017/18Austin Ex ApprenticesHighgate Dynamos
2016/17Black HorseMeadow Park
2015/16Thomas BrothersVBG Fairfield
2014/15VBG FairfieldHare and Hounds
2013/14Victoria Barnt GreenRedditch United Sunday
2012/13Victoria Barnt GeenAlvechurch Lions
2011/12La CorunaQueens Head Dons

Division 1 Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19HawthornsChaddesley Ravens
2017/18AFC NorthfieldAvenue
2016/17Red LionRubery
2015/16Bartley Green Illey SundayNorthfield Athletic
2014/15Sporting GrapevineLickey End Social
2013/14Hare and HoundsAFC Northfield
2012/13Rubery Social AllstarsRedditch Athletic 98′
2011/12Alvechurch LionsCrabmill Monchengladbach
2010/11Navigation La CorunaVictoria Barnt Green
2009/10Navigation La CorunaQueens Head Dons
2008/09D&P La CorunaVictoria Barnt Green
2007/08D&P La CorunaVictoria Barnt Green
2006/07DP DonsBromsgrove Town
2005/06Church HillVictoria Barnt Green
2004/05ChurchVictoria Barnt Green
2003/04Victoria Barnt GreenIntersports
2002/03Rovers SundayAlvechurch Darts
2001/02Rubery SocialMostyn Rangers
2000/01Alvechurch DartsMostyn Rangers & Rubery Social
1999/00Rubery RedstarBromsgrove Athletic
1998/99Turks HeadRubery Redstar
1997/98MillfieldsTurks Head
1996/97Dillons Barnt GreenTurks Head
1995/96Alvechurch VillaBritannia
1994/95Catshill WMCSpar Barnt Green

Division 2 Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19Longbridge SocialQuinton Athletic
2017/18Studley LionsChaddesley Ravens
2016/17Sporting Club RedditchAFC Northfield
2015/16Meadow ParkRednal Social Club
2014/15Bartley Green Illey SundayChaddesley Corbett
2013/14North Colts UnitedFC Rednal
2012/13Sporting GrapevineBelbroughton Athletic
2011/12Rubery Social AllstarsRedditch Athletic ’98
2010/11FC Rednal ActivGolden Lion Athletic
2009/10Rubery SocialWestbury Celtic ‘C’
2008/09Prudden Hire CentresNailers Arms
2007/08Waseley UnitedMeadow Park
2006/07D&P La CorunaHHFC
2005/06Bromsgrove General ReservesChurch Hill Utd Reserves
2004/05Star & GarterCofton Celtic
2003/04Alvechurch Darts ReservesBlackwell
2002/03Rovers Sunday ReservesSouthside United
2000/01Bromsgrove TownVictoria Barnt Green
1999/00Rubery SocialAccess Security Athletic
1998/99Mostyn RangersLongbridge Sports & Social
1997/98Rednal RoversRubery Redstar
1996/97MappleboroughUKDS Pumas
1995/96Alert AlarmsNSI Redditch
1994/95Wychbold WanderersMillfields

Division 3 Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19Bartley Reds SundayCatshill
2017/18Arrow ValleyKings Norton Sporting
2016/17Bromsgrove CorinthiansStoke Works
2015/16RuberyCallowbrook Green
2014/15AFC Northfield ReservesBromsgrove United Reserves
2013/14Toby Jug AthleticHizza United Seconds
2012/13North Colts UnitedFC Rednal
2011/12No CompetitionNo Competition
2010/11Rubery AthleticAlvechurch Lions
2009/10Stoke WorksHolloway Park
2008/09Westbury Celtic ‘C’Arrow Valley Social
2007/08Rubery RBLBarley Monners
2006/07Waseley UnitedMettis Rovers
2005/06D&P La CorunaThe Sugarbrook
2004/05Church ReservesBlack Cross
2003/04Church Hill UnitedStar & Garter
2002/03Crown InnCofton Falcons
2001/02Sporting HarborneChawson Old Boys
2000/01Bromsgrove GeneralTurks Head Reserves
1999/00Bromsgrove TownVictoria Barnt Green
1998/99Access Security AthleticSutton Athletic
1997/98Park InnLakeside
1996/97Mercury TavernsRednal Rovers

Division 4 Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2017/18Meadow Park YouthBromsgrove Academicals
2001/02Abbeydale WanderersFreemasons
2000/01OlympicoAlvechurch Darts Reserves
1999/00Southside UnitedPillar Of Salt

Bridgewater Cup Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19No competitionNo competition
2017/18Studley LionsWinyates
2016/17Studley LionsSpa Athletic
2015/16Meadow ParkHizza United
2014/15Bartley Green Illey SundayChaddesley Corbett
2013/14FC RednalLickey End Social
2012/13Rubery AthleticNorth Colts United
2011/12Alvechurch LionsBlack Cross Athletico
2010/11Golden Lion AthleticFC Rednal Activ
2009/10Navigation La CorunaWaseley United
2008/09D&P La CorunaSin FC
2007/08NavigationVictoria Barnt Green
2006/07Church Hill UnitedHHFC
2005/06Church Hill UnitedBromsgrove Town
2004/05Alvechurch DartsStar & Garter
2003/04Inter SportsChurch Hill United
2002/03Rovers SundayCofton Falcons
2001/02Rubery SocialHoolahans
2000/01No CompetitionNo Competition
1999/00Mostyn RangersRubery Social
1998/99Rubery RedstarBarnt Green Spartak
1997/98Turks HeadRubery Redstar
1996/97MillfieldsDroitwich Red Lion
1995/96Dillons Barnt GreenDroitwich Red Lion
1994/95Spar Barnt GreenDroitwich Red Lion
1993/94Catshill WMCDroitwich Hop Pole
1992/93Spar Barnt GreenIvy Cottage
1991/92Ivy CottagePark Inn

LMS (BRS) Shield Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19Black HorseAustin Ex Apprentices
2017/18Highgate DynamosBGIS Fairfield
2016/17Bartley Green Illey SundayBlack Horse
2015/16VBG FairfieldBartley Green Illey Sunday
2014/15VBG FairfieldBelbroughton Athletic
2013/14Victoria Barnt GreenRedditch United Sunday
2012/13Victoria Barnt GreenAFC Dons
2011/12Victoria Barnt GreenAlvechurch Lions
2010/11Queens Head DonsAlvechurch Lions
2009/10Navigation La CorunaGolden Lion Athletic
2008/09Waseley UnitedMP Hanbury
2007/08NavigationRubery RBL
2006/07Star & GarterHHFC
2005/06Church Hill UnitedStar & Garter
2004/05Victoria Barnt GreenCofton Falcons
2003/04New OlympicStar & Garter
2002/03Rovers SundayVictoria Barnt Green
2001/02Rubery SocialBromsgrove Town
2000/01Mostyn RangersDroitwich Red Lion
1999/00Access Security AthleticAlvechurch Darts
1998/99Turks HeadDroitwich Red Lion
1997/98Turks HeadTurves Green
1996/97Turks HeadMarlbrook
1995/96Alvechurch VillaDroitwich Red Lion
1994/95Spar Barnt GreenCatshill WMC
1993/94Spar Barnt GreenContract Foods
1992/93Spar Barnt GreenAltered Images
1991/92Ivy CottagePark Inn

Premier League Cup Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19No competitionNo competition
2017/18Highgate DynamosAustin Ex Apprentices
2016/17Black HorseBelbroughton Athletic
2015/16Alcester TownBelbroughton Athletic
2014/15VBG FairfieldRubery Athletic
2013/14Rubery OakVictoria Barnt Green
2012/13Victoria Barnt GreenStudley United
2011/12La CorunaStudley United

Division One League Cup Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2019/20BroughsonsCrown Internazionale
2018/19 Bromsgrove AthleticoKings Heath Albion
2017/18AvenueBromsgrove Athletico
2016/17RuberyRed Lion
2015/16Chaddesley CorbettNorthfield Athletic
2014/15Sporting GrapevineStudley Railway
2013/14Hare and HoundsAFC Northfield
2012/13Rubery OakRubery Social Allstars
2011/12No CompetitionNo Competition
2010/11Navigation La CorunaQueens Head Dons
2009/10Queens Head DonsBromsgrove Town
2008/09D&P La CorunaBMC Dons
2007/08Cofton CelticD&P La Coruna

Rose Bowl Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19British MemorialStoke Prior
2017/18Lickey End SocialChaddesley Pensioners
2016/17Arrow ValleyChaddesley Corbett Reserves
2015/16Rubery SundayCallowbrook Green
2014/15AFC Northfield ReservesLaburnum
2013/14Toby Jug AthleticAFC Millfields
2012/13North Colts UnitedLaburnum
2011/12Galaxy AthleticRubery Social Allstars
2010/11Alvechurch LionsSelly Oak United
2009/10Rubery AthleticAustin S&S Reserves
2008/09Catshill WMCWoodrow
2007/08Rubery RBLBarley Monners
2006/07HanburyWaseley United
2005/06D&P La CorunaMettis Rovers
2003/04Star & GarterStoke Prior Sporting
2002/03Cofton FalconsBlackwell
2001/02Sporting HarborneStourport Town
2000/01Turks Head ReservesBoars Head Exiles
1999/00New OlympicWoodbourne Sports
1998/99Access Security AthleticLakeside
1997/98Park InnRubery Redstar
1996/97Mercury TavernsRubery Redstar
1995/96Alert AlarmsNSI Redditch
1994/95MillfieldsAlvechurch Villa

Centenary Cup Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19Lickey End SocialBroughsons
2017/18Studley LionsChaddesley Ravens
2016/17Spa AthleticRedditch United Sunday
2015/16Awkies AllstarsMeadow Park
2014/15Chaddesley CorbettBartley Green Illey Sunday
2013/14Bromsgrove UnitedStudley Road Social
2012/13AFC NorthfieldSporting Grapevine
2011/12Alvechurch LionsRubery Oak
2010/11FC Rednal ActivHenley United
2008/09Prudden Hire CentresSugarbrook
2007/08Waseley UnitedMettis Rovers
2006/07HHFCD&P La Coruna
2005/06Church Hill UnitedRubery RBL
2004/05Rubery RBLWychbold RBL
2003/04Rubery RBLAlvechurch Darts Reserves
2002/03Rovers Sunday ReservesAlvechurch Darts Reserves

* Competition VOID for Season 2009/10 due to Ladybird FC’s expulsion from the League

WA Harris Cup Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19Black HorseKings Heath Albion
2017/18Highgate DynamosBromsgrove Athletico
2016/17Black HorseBartley Green Illey Sunday
2015/16Northfield AthleticBartley Green Illey Sunday
2014/15Hare and HoundsBartley Green Illey Sunday
2013/14Victoria Barnt GreenBelbroughton Athletic
2012/13Victoria Barnt GreenAFC Dons
2011/12La CorunaVictoria Barnt Green
2010/11Queens Head DonsFC Rednal Activ
2009/10Golden Lion AthleticWestbury Celtic ‘C’
2008/09Rubery RBLMeadow Park

Presidents Cup Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2017/18Bromsgrove AcademicalsCatshill
2007/08NavigationBromsgrove General Reserves