League Records

Please note there were no honours for Season 19/20 or Season 20/21 (other than the Division 1 cup in Season 19/20) due to the Covid-19 Pandemic which halted all football from the middle of March 2020 until September 2020.

A further halt was called in November 2020 and the restart of football in April 2021 saw a series of ‘Mini-Leagues’ enacted to see us through to season end in May 2021.

Mini League Honours List
The following clubs won ‘Mini-Leagues’ in Season 2020/21 which were designed to get clubs playing again in a fun but competitive way after so long without football.
Rubery Athletico, Red Lion, Bromsgrove Partisan, Kings Norton Athletico, Coldstream, Longbridge Social, Arrow Valley and Bartley Reds

Premier Division Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2021/22No CompetitionNo Competition
2018/19Black HorseAustin Ex-Apprentices
2017/18Austin Ex ApprenticesHighgate Dynamos
2016/17Black HorseMeadow Park
2015/16Thomas BrothersVBG Fairfield
2014/15VBG FairfieldHare and Hounds
2013/14Victoria Barnt GreenRedditch United Sunday
2012/13Victoria Barnt GeenAlvechurch Lions
2011/12La CorunaQueens Head Dons

Division 1 Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19HawthornsChaddesley Ravens
2017/18AFC NorthfieldAvenue
2016/17Red LionRubery
2015/16Bartley Green Illey SundayNorthfield Athletic
2014/15Sporting GrapevineLickey End Social
2013/14Hare and HoundsAFC Northfield
2012/13Rubery Social AllstarsRedditch Athletic 98′
2011/12Alvechurch LionsCrabmill Monchengladbach
2010/11Navigation La CorunaVictoria Barnt Green
2009/10Navigation La CorunaQueens Head Dons
2008/09D&P La CorunaVictoria Barnt Green
2007/08D&P La CorunaVictoria Barnt Green
2006/07DP DonsBromsgrove Town
2005/06Church HillVictoria Barnt Green
2004/05ChurchVictoria Barnt Green
2003/04Victoria Barnt GreenIntersports
2002/03Rovers SundayAlvechurch Darts
2001/02Rubery SocialMostyn Rangers
2000/01Alvechurch DartsMostyn Rangers & Rubery Social
1999/00Rubery RedstarBromsgrove Athletic
1998/99Turks HeadRubery Redstar
1997/98MillfieldsTurks Head
1996/97Dillons Barnt GreenTurks Head
1995/96Alvechurch VillaBritannia
1994/95Catshill WMCSpar Barnt Green

Division 2 Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19Longbridge SocialQuinton Athletic
2017/18Studley LionsChaddesley Ravens
2016/17Sporting Club RedditchAFC Northfield
2015/16Meadow ParkRednal Social Club
2014/15Bartley Green Illey SundayChaddesley Corbett
2013/14North Colts UnitedFC Rednal
2012/13Sporting GrapevineBelbroughton Athletic
2011/12Rubery Social AllstarsRedditch Athletic ’98
2010/11FC Rednal ActivGolden Lion Athletic
2009/10Rubery SocialWestbury Celtic ‘C’
2008/09Prudden Hire CentresNailers Arms
2007/08Waseley UnitedMeadow Park
2006/07D&P La CorunaHHFC
2005/06Bromsgrove General ReservesChurch Hill Utd Reserves
2004/05Star & GarterCofton Celtic
2003/04Alvechurch Darts ReservesBlackwell
2002/03Rovers Sunday ReservesSouthside United
2000/01Bromsgrove TownVictoria Barnt Green
1999/00Rubery SocialAccess Security Athletic
1998/99Mostyn RangersLongbridge Sports & Social
1997/98Rednal RoversRubery Redstar
1996/97MappleboroughUKDS Pumas
1995/96Alert AlarmsNSI Redditch
1994/95Wychbold WanderersMillfields

Division 3 Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19Bartley Reds SundayCatshill
2017/18Arrow ValleyKings Norton Sporting
2016/17Bromsgrove CorinthiansStoke Works
2015/16RuberyCallowbrook Green
2014/15AFC Northfield ReservesBromsgrove United Reserves
2013/14Toby Jug AthleticHizza United Seconds
2012/13North Colts UnitedFC Rednal
2011/12No CompetitionNo Competition
2010/11Rubery AthleticAlvechurch Lions
2009/10Stoke WorksHolloway Park
2008/09Westbury Celtic ‘C’Arrow Valley Social
2007/08Rubery RBLBarley Monners
2006/07Waseley UnitedMettis Rovers
2005/06D&P La CorunaThe Sugarbrook
2004/05Church ReservesBlack Cross
2003/04Church Hill UnitedStar & Garter
2002/03Crown InnCofton Falcons
2001/02Sporting HarborneChawson Old Boys
2000/01Bromsgrove GeneralTurks Head Reserves
1999/00Bromsgrove TownVictoria Barnt Green
1998/99Access Security AthleticSutton Athletic
1997/98Park InnLakeside
1996/97Mercury TavernsRednal Rovers

Division 4 Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2017/18Meadow Park YouthBromsgrove Academicals
2001/02Abbeydale WanderersFreemasons
2000/01OlympicoAlvechurch Darts Reserves
1999/00Southside UnitedPillar Of Salt

Bridgewater Cup Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19No competitionNo competition
2017/18Studley LionsWinyates
2016/17Studley LionsSpa Athletic
2015/16Meadow ParkHizza United
2014/15Bartley Green Illey SundayChaddesley Corbett
2013/14FC RednalLickey End Social
2012/13Rubery AthleticNorth Colts United
2011/12Alvechurch LionsBlack Cross Athletico
2010/11Golden Lion AthleticFC Rednal Activ
2009/10Navigation La CorunaWaseley United
2008/09D&P La CorunaSin FC
2007/08NavigationVictoria Barnt Green
2006/07Church Hill UnitedHHFC
2005/06Church Hill UnitedBromsgrove Town
2004/05Alvechurch DartsStar & Garter
2003/04Inter SportsChurch Hill United
2002/03Rovers SundayCofton Falcons
2001/02Rubery SocialHoolahans
2000/01No CompetitionNo Competition
1999/00Mostyn RangersRubery Social
1998/99Rubery RedstarBarnt Green Spartak
1997/98Turks HeadRubery Redstar
1996/97MillfieldsDroitwich Red Lion
1995/96Dillons Barnt GreenDroitwich Red Lion
1994/95Spar Barnt GreenDroitwich Red Lion
1993/94Catshill WMCDroitwich Hop Pole
1992/93Spar Barnt GreenIvy Cottage
1991/92Ivy CottagePark Inn

LMS (BRS) Shield Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19Black HorseAustin Ex Apprentices
2017/18Highgate DynamosBGIS Fairfield
2016/17Bartley Green Illey SundayBlack Horse
2015/16VBG FairfieldBartley Green Illey Sunday
2014/15VBG FairfieldBelbroughton Athletic
2013/14Victoria Barnt GreenRedditch United Sunday
2012/13Victoria Barnt GreenAFC Dons
2011/12Victoria Barnt GreenAlvechurch Lions
2010/11Queens Head DonsAlvechurch Lions
2009/10Navigation La CorunaGolden Lion Athletic
2008/09Waseley UnitedMP Hanbury
2007/08NavigationRubery RBL
2006/07Star & GarterHHFC
2005/06Church Hill UnitedStar & Garter
2004/05Victoria Barnt GreenCofton Falcons
2003/04New OlympicStar & Garter
2002/03Rovers SundayVictoria Barnt Green
2001/02Rubery SocialBromsgrove Town
2000/01Mostyn RangersDroitwich Red Lion
1999/00Access Security AthleticAlvechurch Darts
1998/99Turks HeadDroitwich Red Lion
1997/98Turks HeadTurves Green
1996/97Turks HeadMarlbrook
1995/96Alvechurch VillaDroitwich Red Lion
1994/95Spar Barnt GreenCatshill WMC
1993/94Spar Barnt GreenContract Foods
1992/93Spar Barnt GreenAltered Images
1991/92Ivy CottagePark Inn

Premier League Cup Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19No competitionNo competition
2017/18Highgate DynamosAustin Ex Apprentices
2016/17Black HorseBelbroughton Athletic
2015/16Alcester TownBelbroughton Athletic
2014/15VBG FairfieldRubery Athletic
2013/14Rubery OakVictoria Barnt Green
2012/13Victoria Barnt GreenStudley United
2011/12La CorunaStudley United

Division One League Cup Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2019/20BroughsonsCrown Internazionale
2018/19 Bromsgrove AthleticoKings Heath Albion
2017/18AvenueBromsgrove Athletico
2016/17RuberyRed Lion
2015/16Chaddesley CorbettNorthfield Athletic
2014/15Sporting GrapevineStudley Railway
2013/14Hare and HoundsAFC Northfield
2012/13Rubery OakRubery Social Allstars
2011/12No CompetitionNo Competition
2010/11Navigation La CorunaQueens Head Dons
2009/10Queens Head DonsBromsgrove Town
2008/09D&P La CorunaBMC Dons
2007/08Cofton CelticD&P La Coruna

Rose Bowl Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19British MemorialStoke Prior
2017/18Lickey End SocialChaddesley Pensioners
2016/17Arrow ValleyChaddesley Corbett Reserves
2015/16Rubery SundayCallowbrook Green
2014/15AFC Northfield ReservesLaburnum
2013/14Toby Jug AthleticAFC Millfields
2012/13North Colts UnitedLaburnum
2011/12Galaxy AthleticRubery Social Allstars
2010/11Alvechurch LionsSelly Oak United
2009/10Rubery AthleticAustin S&S Reserves
2008/09Catshill WMCWoodrow
2007/08Rubery RBLBarley Monners
2006/07HanburyWaseley United
2005/06D&P La CorunaMettis Rovers
2003/04Star & GarterStoke Prior Sporting
2002/03Cofton FalconsBlackwell
2001/02Sporting HarborneStourport Town
2000/01Turks Head ReservesBoars Head Exiles
1999/00New OlympicWoodbourne Sports
1998/99Access Security AthleticLakeside
1997/98Park InnRubery Redstar
1996/97Mercury TavernsRubery Redstar
1995/96Alert AlarmsNSI Redditch
1994/95MillfieldsAlvechurch Villa

Centenary Cup Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19Lickey End SocialBroughsons
2017/18Studley LionsChaddesley Ravens
2016/17Spa AthleticRedditch United Sunday
2015/16Awkies AllstarsMeadow Park
2014/15Chaddesley CorbettBartley Green Illey Sunday
2013/14Bromsgrove UnitedStudley Road Social
2012/13AFC NorthfieldSporting Grapevine
2011/12Alvechurch LionsRubery Oak
2010/11FC Rednal ActivHenley United
2008/09Prudden Hire CentresSugarbrook
2007/08Waseley UnitedMettis Rovers
2006/07HHFCD&P La Coruna
2005/06Church Hill UnitedRubery RBL
2004/05Rubery RBLWychbold RBL
2003/04Rubery RBLAlvechurch Darts Reserves
2002/03Rovers Sunday ReservesAlvechurch Darts Reserves

* Competition VOID for Season 2009/10 due to Ladybird FC’s expulsion from the League

WA Harris Cup Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2018/19Black HorseKings Heath Albion
2017/18Highgate DynamosBromsgrove Athletico
2016/17Black HorseBartley Green Illey Sunday
2015/16Northfield AthleticBartley Green Illey Sunday
2014/15Hare and HoundsBartley Green Illey Sunday
2013/14Victoria Barnt GreenBelbroughton Athletic
2012/13Victoria Barnt GreenAFC Dons
2011/12La CorunaVictoria Barnt Green
2010/11Queens Head DonsFC Rednal Activ
2009/10Golden Lion AthleticWestbury Celtic ‘C’
2008/09Rubery RBLMeadow Park

Presidents Cup Honours List

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2017/18Bromsgrove AcademicalsCatshill
2007/08NavigationBromsgrove General Reserves