BDFL Football Restart 2020/21

We will be restarting football in the Bromsgrove League from Sunday 11th April 2021, with a set of ‘mini-leagues’, comprising a smaller number of teams in each league who will play games up until Sunday 30th May at the latest. It is not possible to complete the league season in its existing format.

We can now share some details of these leagues.

When considering how best to restart football after so long off/another stop start season and mindful of a host of (unknown) external factors, the aim of these mini-leagues is to keep things as simple as possible and get people playing football again on a Sunday morning.

Format and teams
31 out of our 33 teams wished to enter with only 2 teams choosing not to enter (Chaddesley Ravens and Alcester Town)
We are therefore setting up 8 mini-leagues.

There will be 7 leagues with 4 teams in and 1 league with 3 teams in.

Each team will play the other team in their league twice, home and away (for some teams, ‘home’ will have to be a neutral venue due to pitch availability).

Therefore the teams in a 4 team league will play 6 games and the teams in a 3 team league will play 4 games

Unless absolutely unavoidable or by mutual consent, all games will be played on a Sunday (to avoid the normal midweek mayhem!)

We have mixed up the leagues so you play some different teams from different leagues whilst trying to ensure nobody is in a group where they can not be competitive. With the exception of Group 8, every club at least plays someone else who they haven’t played this season in standard league competition. The mini-leagues are listed below.

Austin, Crown Inter, Quinton Ath, Red Lion

Broughsons, Catshill, Kings Heath Albion, Rubery Athletico

AFC Blackwell, Longbridge, Meadow Park, West Heath

AFC Greenlands, AFC Norton, Coldstream, Hizza United

Bromsgrove Partisan, Chadds Ravens Dynamo, Rubery Memorial, South West Alliance

Arrow Valley, Chaddesley FC, Cofton OB, Real Norton

Bartley Reds, Borussia Northfield, Feckenham North, Studley Rangers

Finstall Cross, Kings Norton Athletico, Stoke Prior

 ** Kings Norton Athletico and Stoke Prior remain in the WFA Minor Cup which recommences on the 18th April, so we have placed them in the group of 3 as we are obviously unsure how they will progress in this competition and could potentially take up 2 Sundays if they progress, so makes sense to put them in a smaller group **

Points and Winners
The winner of each mini-league will get a trophy.
3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss (alternatives/bonuses were considered but full-time does not handle this).
Group winners will be decided by points, goal difference, goals scored, goals conceded in that order (with a one-off match to decide the winner if needed).

Registration and Transfer Deadline
This is formally extended to Sunday May 9th to enable you 5/6 weeks to bolster your squads if needed. Please note all transfers will need to be authorised by LMC before being processed to ensure there is a genuine and fair reason for making one. Please contact James Hylton as usual should you require advice on registrations or transfers.