Centenary Cup


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Centenary Cup Group A
West Heath Allstars, Rubery Memorial, Chaddesley Ravens Dynamo, Alcester Town Sunday, Hewell
Centenary Cup Group B
Kings Heath Concorde, Rubery Legends, AFC Norton, Royal Eagles

- Group phase games up until the semi-final stage.
- 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss
- 90 minutes only play
- Home team pays the pitch, away team pays the referee
- Players can be emergency signed on the day (up to 4) as normal league rules apply in the group stages
- Winner of Group A v Runners Up of Group B in Semi Final 1
- Winner of Group B v Runners Up of Group A in Semi Final 2
- Goal Difference, Goals Scored and Goals Against will be used to determine placings if required (in that order)

Group A Games
West Heath Allstars v Rubery Memorial 4-0
West Heath Allstars v Alcester Town Sunday
Rubery Memorial v Chaddesley Ravens Dynamo
Rubery Memorial v Hewell
Chaddesley Ravens Dynamo v West Heath Allstars 1-6
Chaddesley Ravens Dynamo v Alcester Town Sunday
Alcester Town Sunday v Rubery Memorial 5-3
Alcester Town Sunday v Hewell
Hewell v West Heath Allstars 
Hewell v Chaddesley Ravens Dynamo

Group B Games
Kings Heath Concorde v Royal Eagles 2-4
Rubery Legends v Kings Heath Concorde 0-0 (H)
Rubery Legends v AFC Norton 2-2
AFC Norton v Kings Heath Concorde 8-2
Royal Eagles v Rubery Legends 0-0 (A)
Royal Eagles v AFC Norton 0-0 (A)

AFC Norton win the group with 7 points - Goal difference of 6
Rubery Legends are runners up with 7 points - Goal difference of 0